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e-filing Frequently Asked Questions

If multiple personnel e-file on behalf of an attorney, are they required to be set up as a proxy?

How long is the One-Time Password (OTP)/Code/PIN valid once I receive it?
The code must be used within 3 minutes to view the document. Once the PIN is expired, you will need to request a second OTP.

When filing as a proxy, will the filer receive the filing confirmation emails?

How do I electronically file a pleading if my client has IFP status?
File the pleading on behalf of the Plaintiff or Defendant, you must also submit an additional docket entry ‘Praecipe to Proceed IFP’ on behalf of the Attorney.

If my law firm already has a DRAWDOWN account with the DCR, how can I gain access?
You must contact your law firms company DRAWDOWN account administrator to be added to the account.

Can a proxy view confidential or unredacted documents?
No, the proxy feature is only for filing purposes.

Will the attorney receive a one-time password to view each confidential document?
Yes, you will be prompted to request an additional OTP to view each confidential document.

Once registered for the Dual Factor Authentication, can I look at confidential documents in cases in which I am not the attorney of record?
No, you may only view confidential documents on cases in which you are the attorney of record.

When e-filing a complaint, how do I proceed if no sheriff service is needed?
Select 'NO SERVICE' option when e-filing.

What if you need to deputize the Sheriff of another county for service?
When prompted for Sheriff Service ‘NO SERVICE’ should be selected. Once the filing is approved, you must contact the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department for further instructions.

When registering for DFA, is the information provided secured?
Yes, all documents submitted for DFA registration are secure and will only be used by the DCR for DFA registration.

If I am already registered and have been e-filing, do I need to re-register?
You must only re-register if you are an Attorney and did not previously register using your BAR ID as your USER ID.

My existing password does not include a special character, will it still work?
Yes, your existing password will work however, we recommend you update your password to include a special character to secure your profile.

How can I reset my login password, if I no longer have access to my email?
If you are an Attorney, you must contact the DCR at to schedule a video conference for user verification, all others must re-register with your new email address.

If you have a question or technical issue, please contact the DCR Help Desk.
Help Desk staff is available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.
Phone: 412-350-5729

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There will be a 4% service charge on all Credit Card e-filings by the merchant card provider.

DCR also accepts ACH payments for Business Accounts with a $100 setup fee. A $35 fee will be due to the DCR for any ACH transaction rejected by the BANK. ALSO, A NEW FILING MUST BE SUBMITTED; THE ORIGINAL APPROVED FILING WILL BE DELETED DUE TO THE ACH TRANSACTION BEING REJECTED.

DCR also offers Draw Down accounts for all business accounts with a $100 setup fee with a minimum of $500 initial deposit.

For any additional questions regarding e-filing/ACH/Draw Down setup, please feel free to contact