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Examples: GD-96-004567 GD 96 004567 General Docket
AR-96-004567 AR 96 004567 Arbitration Division
FD-96-004567 FD 96 004567 Family Division
SA-96-004567 SA 96 004567 Summary Appeals
LT-96-004567 LT 96 004567 Landlord Tenant Docket
CC-96-004567 CC 96 004567 County Criminal Judgments
JV-96-004567 JV 96 004567 Juvenile Division Judgments
AD-96-004567 AD 96 004567 Administrative Docket
RD-96-004567 RD 96 004567 Rules Docket
DJ-96-004567 DJ 96 004567 District Justice Docket
BV-01-000001 BV 01 000001 Tax Assessment Appeal Docket
(only cases filed after 1/1/2001)
Enter non-standard Case ID:
Examples : DTD-95-000006                                    Delinquent Tax Docket
UCC-95-000006                                    Uniform Commercial Code Docket
FTL-95-000006                                    Federal Tax Liens
    or FTL-88888                                    (pre-1995 Federal Tax Liens)
    or FTL-100111                                    (pre-1995 Federal Tax Liens)
GD-0034-07-78                                    General Docket Term Cases
                                     (07-78 represent July 1978 term)
FD-0034-10-65                                    Family Division Term Cases
                                     (10-65 represent October 1965 term)

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